So far we've covered many topics ranging from a light introduction to the Rust programming language, it's history, features and benefits for Data Engineering. We also covered how it compares to other programming languages and which that made you excited about what is ahead of us: writing code, running and building the future of data engineering using this new programming language.

Summary of Rust's features and advantages for data engineering

To recap what we've discussed, Rust is a perfect language for all things data. It makes it easier to build more robust systems, data pipelines and more. It has features and tooling built-in that other programming languages achieve only by shoehorning or concatenating multiple different tools that add to the complexity of the code base.

Future of Rust in the data engineering field and Rust jobs (transferrable skill)

As we've shown very briefly, Rust is strong performer in the Data Engineering space. However, learning Rust will open up so many other doors since it's a general purpose purpose programming language, you can use it for many other things than data engineering.

Although we're mainly covering Data Engineering, Rust's growing popularity and increasing adoption by huge companies and open-source projects mean that Rust skills are in high demand. Learning Rust for Data Engineering can lead to new job opportunities and career growth in a variety of fields beyond data engineering, such as cloud computing, embedded systems, and network programming.

What's next?

So far, we've been using some magic to run Rust in your browser but we can agree that it's time to leverage more of what Rust has to offer. That's why it's important to understand how Rust and the tooling around it can be installed on your local machine, or any machine for that matter, how the different parts fit together and how we can get you to create your first Rust projects.

I hope you're hyped! Let's go.

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